Eco-art, photography, community engagement, design, sculpture, video


Eco-artist, Tim Gaudreau, works in collaboration with like minded colleagues, communities and schools to create public art work meant to challenge conventional thinking and catalyze action around environmental issues.


About Our Services:

What services do you offer?

Tim Gaudreau Studios is a full service creative art firm that specializes in creating innovative, relevant, and potent methods of communicating to an audience.  Our services include, but are not limited to, photography, graphic design, video, three-dimensional design and fabrication, electronic and web media, and community engagement.

What kinds of organizations work with you?
Our clients share a major commonality: they care about the world around them.  Our clients range from municipal agencies, such as the Coastal Trails Coalition (five linked North Shore, Massachusetts cities) desiring to initiate a community engagement project to draw public attention and attendance to a rails-to-trails opening; schools, such as the San Francisco Day School, that wish to engage and educate students in cross disciplinary approaches to art; large corporations, such as The Timberland Company, that strategically leverage their consumer base to advance sustainable business and consumption habits; or small businesses, such as The Flatbread Company, that seek to team with green vendors, from food to photography, to make a difference wherever they can.

While our creative projects vary widely in final vision, there is the common link of environmental and social advocacy in all of the work we do. Sometimes, we are the obvious choice to create a unique, community engagement artwork. Other times, we are selected for non-environmental art projects simply because a client recognizes the importance of hiring an eco-conscious, sustainably managed studio.

How do you work where do we start?

Most projects originate from the a client's need to communicate a message. Our creative services begin with concept development; we are your creative problem solver.  We collaborate with you to identify your message, agenda, and audience.  From that starting point, we develop a project proposal that brings your goals to life with creative visuals and a community outreach plan. To start the ball rolling, all you need to do is make a phone call, and we'll take care of the rest.


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